Local Community Café & Fairtrade Shop Supports Global Care

September 12, 2021| Past Issues, Uncategorized

Lynne Wright, café manager, samples some of the quality coffee on offer.

For well over 10 years, Emmanuel Church has run a Café and Fairtrade Shop serving the local community of Stoughton and the wider Guildford area.

Our focus is on providing a friendly, cosy place to meet whether you are on your own or with friends; a place to relax and catch up with yourself and others. With freshly cooked food, quality coffee and teas, and original fairtrade goods for sale – we open our doors Monday to Thursday, 9.15-2.15, during term-time for everyone to enjoy. If your time is limited, you can just pop in to pick up a drink and takeaway café food, as well as pre-order your Fairtrade goods from our dedicated ‘click and collect’ website.

Whilst we seek to serve those who live close by with a friendly smile and personal customer care, our vision has developed over the years to go beyond our own doors to support our global community and natural environment. Emmanuel Café not only stocks fairtrade coffee and teas, but ensures it provides biodegradable takeaway packs, and purchases ingredients from our Fairtrade Shop wherever possible. Emmanuel’s Fairtrade Shop is beginning to build on our range of environmentally friendly goods, starting with our ‘Refill station’ providing means to refill your existing plastic bottles with sustainable household cleaning products. The Fairtrade shop is run entirely by volunteers ensuring that all the profits from the shop can be reinvested into global development projects – supporting those in greatest need in our world.

So why think about buying from suppliers that help others? Well, Fairtrade seeks to live by its name – to ensure that people who produce the food and goods we buy receive a fair wage and fair treatment; to stop exploitation of both adult and child workers. Likewise, goods that aim to minimise waste and pollution, avoiding the detrimental impact on the world’s environment, help support the global efforts to look after our beautiful natural world. In visiting Emmanuel’s Café and Fairtrade Shop, you don’t just enjoy some time to chat and a great cappuccino, but every purchase goes towards making a better world.

Our focus is on providing a friendly, cosy place to meet, with freshly cooked food, quality coffee and teas, and original fairtrade goods for sale.

As the Autumn term begins on Monday 6th September, we are excited to be opening our doors again to provide a warm welcome for all our visitors and thank all those who shop with us in supporting our vision to care for our community locally and around the world.

Find us at:
Emmanuel Church Parish Centre, Shepherds Lane, Stoughton GU2 9SJ or visit our websites: www.emmanuelchurch.co.uk/cafe/ and fairtradeshop.emmanuelchurch.co.uk/ You can also find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/emmanuelcafefairtrade and Instagram www.instagram.com/emmanuelcafefairtrade/